Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off The Map Season 1 Episode 12

Well Dr. Ben is loosing it and rightly so after what he is going through with his wife, but it doesn’t excuse what he did when he fired Mina. Ryan was smart to make Mina in charge of her medical problems even if Ben was so wrong in firing Mina because of it. It was purely an emotional decision and one that I don’t agree with. Mina came through for her and saved her life. I just hope that Ryan will be able to get a transplant in time. Dr. Ben is a mess right now.
Loved that storyline with Charlie and his mother. So heartbreaking. Theresa has an uphill battle on her hands but if she follows the doctors medical regiment for her she should have some good days which will be great for Charlie and for her.
I could not believe that Lily went and helped Mateo and his mother save those coca plants. As I was watching her pull the plants to safety all I could think of was “there goes another person dying from cocaine”. There is just no way that I can condone them growing coca plants. We are all aware of the dangers of cocaine and narcotics like it and what devastation it brings.
The other medical case with those two women was confusing to me. Confusing because I am not sure if that one woman was going to stay with the other.
Pretty good episode.

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