Saturday, March 5, 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 16

Screen caps from last night's episode of Supernatural. Just click on the above pic to take you to my photo gallery.

I was beyond upset and pissed off that the writers killed off Rufus. Why Rufus? Samuel I can understand but not Rufus. I loved seeing him and Bobby dressed up in suits. Somebody said that Rufus and Bobby reminded them of Grumpy Old Men and how true that description is. Rufus will be missed.

It was a pretty good episode last night except for the Rufus part and Samuel got killed also which is no big loss. I didn't trust him one bit especially what he did to the boys. Yeah, he wasn't what I would call a loving grandfather but that takes me to this whole thing about how some of the characters were not the same since they were "raised from the dead" so to speak. Gwen was another one that I didn't expect to get killed. I liked her.

Supernatural writers, I am disappointed for you killing off Rufus and I hope that things don't get worse from here on in because my little heart can't take anymore shocks.

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