Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Bloods--"To Tell The Truth"

Wow!  What an episode.  Phenomenal, fantastic and tension filled from start to finish.

Danny witnesses a shooting and is willing to testify as to who it is.  Problem  with that is the man who he is going to finger is a big drug lord and would stop at nothing to keep Danny from testifying.   And so Mr. Druggie king pin kidnapped Danny's wife Linda.  Big mistake, huge mistake because we all know that Danny would stop at nothing to get Linda back safely.  I honestly thought that she was going to get killed but as it turns out Frank knew there was a mole in the DA's office and after the DA was arrested, they rescued Linda.

A wonderful family dinner followed with Linda saying grace.  The family dinners are always a highlight for me in this wonderful series.  In my opinion, you don't get any better than this series.

Here are some screen caps that I made from this wonderful episode.

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