Monday, March 7, 2011

Grey's Anatomy--March Spoilers

I got this from Gather Entertainment and after reading this my stomach sank to my feet because I am right about one thing--that Adele has early onset Alzheimer's disease which just breaks my heart.  But given the fact that the actress who plays Adele, Loretta Devine, is going to be starring in a new sitcom this fall, I guess this is one way to write the actress out.  I hate this because I love the actress who plays Adele and I love the character of Adele Webber.  This will be a most bitter pill for Richard to loose the two women he has loved to the disease.

Here is the article from Gather.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7: March Spoilers

March 06, 2011 11:35 AM EST
Grey's Anatomy is on hiatus until March 24 but a few juicy spoilers have been released to tide us over. The spoilers pertain to the only two new episodes airing this month.
Sara Ramírez3As Callie gets into her pregnancy, she starts obsessing about baby showers and develops a constant need for attention. Arizona grows frustrated as she is unable to anticipate what Callie wants and Mark always seems to guess correctly. Callie takes pity on her and as a shower gift to Arizona, takes her away for the weekend. Most people can understand Arizona's frustration since she is not overly fond of Mark and now she has to share all things baby with him.
In the musical episode, which will be airing in a few weeks, only a handful of the cast will be singing and the primary singers will be Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, Chandra Wilson, and Chyler Leigh. The musical episode will air on March 31. Are you getting excited about this episode?
Derek will take over Adele's care and will determine that she does in fact have early onset Alzheimer's. Hard to believe that the chief will end up losing two women he loved to this horrible disease, first Meredith's mother, and now Adele. What a sad story line.
One thing that is not so secret about Grey's Anatomy this season is that each episode has been better than the previous one this season.

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