Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Return of The Event--"And Then There Were More"

I had some great TV viewing last night.  First the return of The Event and then Harry's Law.

I have been waiting for the return of The Event since it first went on hiatus and all I can say is it was worth the wait.  The 2 hour episode had more information and tense moments than any other episode of The Event so far and a lot of questions were finally answered.

The biggest question that was answered was exactly what Thomas is up to.  He is planning on bringing many, many of his people to earth and not for a friendly tour.  What he ultimately is planning is taking over earth at the cost of us humans.  He doesn't care who he has to kill and how many to achieve his goal.  He is extremely dangerous and nothing like his mother Sofia.

We found out Leila's father is an alien which means Leila and Samantha are half human half alien.  Not good news for Sean and Leila.  Sean oves Leila but left because he knew that he would be putting her in danger.

We met Katherine Lewis the wife of a senator who had died and she was taking over his senate seat until the next election but she stumbled on to something about the aliens and grilled the President about it.  He basically shut her down and told her it was a matter of National Security.  Boy does that term get used a lot in TV and in real life.  So this won't be the last we hear of Katherine Lewis.

Blair who is being held as a prisoner in Alaska gets shot and he discovers that Thomas has killed over 50 of his own people because they did not want to leave and go on the run with Thomas.  I think Thomas will stop at nothing to obtain his goal.

Fantastic episode last night and I am so glad to have he Event back.

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