Friday, March 25, 2011

The Return of Grey's Anatomy

Well, I was either falling on the floor which BTW hurts like hell or laughing or crying or pulling the pillow and blanket over my face which means one thing--it was a phenomenal episode.
  I am so happy that Grey’s Anatomy is back!  This episode was a wonderful mix of drama and comedy and heart break.
Adele does have early onset Alzheimer disease which was so heart breaking to watch those scenes.  I love the character of Adele and would have preferred that she be written off the series in another way that didn’t spell death for her.
The baby shower for Callie was great with all the comedy factors one would expect for a GA baby shower.
April was hysterical last night.  Her facial expressions are just priceless and she is quickly becoming my favorite character next to Meredith.
OMG!  When Owen announced to Christina that the chief made him responsible to make the decision on who was to become chief resident I almost choked.
The last scene—OMG!  Callie and Arizona in that car accident.  I was speechless and unable to move.  It left us hanging with the sound of their car hitting something.  It looks like from the previews that her life in in danger.  I hope she doesn’t loose the baby,
A phenomenal return after a month of being on hiatus.

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