Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Great Winchester Debate

Thank you Karen for this.  It is just wonderful and I am still laughing.

The Killing Star--"It's Going To Get Nasty"

I really enjoy this series and I am looking forward to finally seeing the Rosie Larsen case solved.

There were 2 shocking revels last week which the following article covers.  The first is that Stan Larsen is not Rosie Larsen's biological father and the second is that Stan goes into Terry's bedroom and starts to kiss her.

Read this wonderful article and then tell me if you are glad there will be a new case and new characters.

There have been many horrifying moments throughout the first season and a half of AMC's The Killing -- from the brutal murder of Rosie Larsen to the public's brutal reaction to the bait-and-switch finale. But nothing has sent as much terror through my body as the moment in last week's episode when Stan Larsen quietly crept into his sister-in-law's bedroom in the wee hours with uncertain motives.
My hands flew to my mouth, I began shouting "No!" at the television and hoped against hope that these two lost souls wouldn't find comfort in one another's arms. Yet they did. And I learned while chatting with actress Jamie Anne Allman, that she had exactly the same reaction. I pretty much freaked when Stan and Terry kisses -- how did you react?
Jamie Anne Allman: Your response was exactly how I felt too [laughs]. I thought the viewers would be screaming "No! No! No! Leave!" That's how I am when I'm into a show: I'm talking back to the TV, wondering why the characters don't listen to me. And I just knew the audience would be freaking out.
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Insider: From an acting point of view, where did that moment come from for Terry?
Jamie: I have to blame Stan [laughs]. He's the one that came into Terry's room while she was chilling in bed listening to music. I think she was confused in those first moments. "Is this really what's happening right now?" You know when things happen in slo-mo, that's kind of what was going on there. She knows it's not right but went ahead and did it anyway. I think she was confused but also really needed some kind of solace for everything she's going through in life. She's still heartbroken because Michael Ames has basically cut her out of his life and she doesn't know why. Plus, Rosie found out about Beau Soleil because of the computer in Terry's bedroom. In a way, Stan made her feel accepted and loved despite the choices she's made.
Insider: She had a minor breakdown with the boys a few weeks back, will we see more of her cracking?
Jamie: Oh yes. There's some stuff coming up where I'm carrying a lot of emotion. So much so that even after they called cut, it was hard for me to stop and then start at the beginning again to do take two. I mean, that's the thing the audience doesn't understand – I'm not crying in one scene, I'm crying in one scene that I had to do 20 takes of. In real life, if I breakdown once, I need to take a nap. But this is the job and I love it.
Insider: Last week also revealed that Stan isn't Rosie's biological father. Did that turn surprise you?
Jamie: I was really surprised. Thought it was such an interesting choice – it never even crossed my mind as an option. But I think that says a lot about Stan as a person -- that he stood by Rosie and treated her like his biological daughter. Only someone with character would do something like that. That's why Terry looks up to him. She's always looked at her sister's life and wanted a man that deeply loved her like that. Despite what happened with Stan and Mitch, he loves his wife. He needs her and wants her to come home. I think the throughline of it all is he's a great man who sometimes makes less than great choices.
Insider: Speaking of Mitch, how does Terry feel towards her sister right now?
Jamie: Terry really loves Mitch but is incredibly frustrated by her right now because it's forced her into a situation that was her dream, but it's a false dream. It can't last forever because Mitch won't stay away forever. So she's stepping up because she loves the family and feels like she belongs there, but at the same time, it's irritating and not really fair for Mitch to just go off and leave everybody because that's how she decides to handle the loss of her daughter. A lot more about their relationship is going to come out.
Insider: What else are you excited for fans to see in the coming weeks?
Jamie: A lot of reveals will be revealed in terms of Terry's relationship with Michael Ames. A lot of the repercussions from the secrets involved with that relationship will come to a head. There will also be repercussions because of her secret with Beau Soleil. It's going to get nasty.
Insider: You just finished the finale. How do you think fans will like it?
Jamie: I was very surprised and shocked by the finale -- and I think they will be too. All of their questions will be answered and they will finally find out who Rosie's killer is. They introduce a whole new case at the end of season two, which means the end of [The Larsen Family] – they're wrapping up Rosie. It's done. Whole new case, whole new cast.
The Killing airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fringe "Worlds Apart" 4/27/2012

With receiving the great news that Fox has renewed Fringe, I was so anxious and excited about last night's episode "Worlds Apart" and it was all worth the wait and anxiety.

The scene with Walter and Walternate on the bridge talking was just heartbreaking.  John Noble realy really deserves and Emmy nomination for that wonderful performance.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the Alt Universe characters and our own Lincoln Lee who decided to stay in the Alt Universe.  In a way to stop Jones and the crazy, insane plan of his was to close the bridge to our world and the Alt Universe.  I have come to like the Alt Universe and those who were from there especially Alt Olivia.  She opened up to our Olivia about things and one of the most poignant things she said to our Olivia was that she missed looking up to the sky after it had rained to see a rainbow.  Our Olivia while saying goodbye to her told her never stop looking up.  Yes, the tears were flowing last night.

I am praying that Walter finds a way to stop Jones from his goal of collapsing both universes for his own sick, insane plan of creating another universe.  Who is behind Jones in all of this?  One of my Fringe group members, Judi, suggested that it could be William Bell.  Now that would certainly put a twist on things and pit Walter against Bell.  Good call Judi and I will be interested to see if you guessed right.

I am working on the screen caps from last night's episode right now and when they are finished, I will post them here.

 And here finally are the screen caps/