Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fringe "Worlds Apart" 4/27/2012

With receiving the great news that Fox has renewed Fringe, I was so anxious and excited about last night's episode "Worlds Apart" and it was all worth the wait and anxiety.

The scene with Walter and Walternate on the bridge talking was just heartbreaking.  John Noble realy really deserves and Emmy nomination for that wonderful performance.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the Alt Universe characters and our own Lincoln Lee who decided to stay in the Alt Universe.  In a way to stop Jones and the crazy, insane plan of his was to close the bridge to our world and the Alt Universe.  I have come to like the Alt Universe and those who were from there especially Alt Olivia.  She opened up to our Olivia about things and one of the most poignant things she said to our Olivia was that she missed looking up to the sky after it had rained to see a rainbow.  Our Olivia while saying goodbye to her told her never stop looking up.  Yes, the tears were flowing last night.

I am praying that Walter finds a way to stop Jones from his goal of collapsing both universes for his own sick, insane plan of creating another universe.  Who is behind Jones in all of this?  One of my Fringe group members, Judi, suggested that it could be William Bell.  Now that would certainly put a twist on things and pit Walter against Bell.  Good call Judi and I will be interested to see if you guessed right.

I am working on the screen caps from last night's episode right now and when they are finished, I will post them here.

 And here finally are the screen caps/

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