Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Patrick Dempsey leaving Grey's Anatomy or Not

I sure hope he is not leaving.

Patrick Dempsey responds to reports that he's quitting 'Grey's Anatomy'

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Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Is Patrick Dempsey quitting Grey’s Anatomy?
Maybe, maybe not…
The actor’s publicist released a new statement to EW that suggested he was taken somewhat out of context during a recent interview that’s set stirred up Grey’s fans. Dempsey told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that he won’t return to Grey’s Anatomy after next season. “It will be my last,” Dempsey said. “I don’t know what will happen with the other characters, but for me, it’s done.”
That sounds pretty clear to us. But Dempsey’s rep says he was only referring to his contract being up after next season and it’s uncertain what he will do next:
“He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds.”
So … is this hedging the result of angry showrunner/studio/network phone calls? Or is Dempsey  laying the groundwork for the next round of contract negotiations? At the end of the day, both statements may be true: The actor may feel totally done with Grey’s and want to move on, but you never know what will happen if ABC backs up the money truck.


Pia Toscano singing the National Anthem. Just beautiful!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Yahoo Group

I have created a new Yahoo group for the discussion of all Shonda Rhimes series such as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and her new series Scandal.


Please come and join me in discussing these wonderful series.

Friday, May 27, 2011

SYTYCD Returned Last Night

Oh I do love this competition series because it brings out the best dancers in this country and this kids are all amateurs.

This video clip was from a few seasons back and shows Twitch and Alex Wong doing the hip hop choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know I was pulling for Lauren but I am thrilled for Scotty.  A terrific young man who is so sweet and so deserving on winning.
God Bless you Scotty.

Thank you Oprah

Just finished watching Oprah's last show today and it brought me to tears as amny of her shows have.

She is an amazing woman and her last show was simple and she spoke directly to all of us viewers.

I say thank you Oprah for giving of yourself these last 25 years, for opening our eyes to some of the real horrors that go on in people's lives and above all for caring.


Fringe--Some Scenerios and Explainations

These are not official but just what this Author thinks and I myself lie the way he thinks.

Sandy from my Fringe group sent this in.

FRINGE Season 3 Finale Ending Explained – The Day We Died

by Roco on May 17, 2011 · 11 comments

We’ve already posted our review for the Fringe Season 3 finale – “The Day We Died” – along with our light-hearted Q&A guide to the events that took place, but we’ve created this additional analysis offering our more focused and detailed interpretation of the ending.

The Fringe Season 3 finale caused a mixture of emotions from fans. Some were left excited and energized from the possibilities. While others felt bemused or even betrayed, believing the story they thought they were following had been pulled out from underneath them.
To help those of you still confused by aspects of the finale, we’ve provided this guide that will hopefully prove useful, or at least serve as a basis for further discussion.
To keep things structured, we’ve arranged the guide into three parts. You can skip to a specific part if it holds more interest to you, by using the links below. Otherwise feel free to read on.

The Rules of Time

In order to fully understand the events that took place, it’s worth outlining the established boundaries of time and what is and isn’t possible. One of the most asked about questions is why Walter didn’t stop himself from sending the Machine back through time, thus preventing Peter from using it to destroy the alternate universe. In 2026, Walter explains by telling Peter that he has no choice but to send the Machine back millions of years in the past through the wormhole, because he’s already done it – it’s already happened.
This confirms that our characters are inside a time-loop. In other words: the events we’ve witnessed throughout the first three seasons of the show are repeating, and probably have been for some time. Walter (one of the principle First People) has already sent the Machine back in a previous loop, which has lead to the events up to 2026 and the very realization that he was the one who sent it back. So, he can’t undo that decision.
Furthermore, he knows that he’s bound to send the Machine back again - because something will compel him to do so - thus creating another iteration. Just as William Bell once told Peter: “when one walks away from his fate, it leads one directly to fate’s doorstep”. That is to say: nature has a way of course-correcting to ensure that previous events within the time-loop continuum end up happening again. Just as Peter wound up going inside the Machine, despite his determination not to, Walter always ends sending the Machine back.
Freewill Within Fate
However, Walter explains that Peter can change what happened by making a different choice within the cycle of events that have already played out. Why? Because Peter shares a unique relationship with the one device that has to power to create and destroy. It was his Machine-powered choice that  led to the events in the current time-loop (and possibly many previous time-loops). Therefore, making a different choice, in the past, will lead to a different outcome.
This would mean that the future depicted in the finale wont actively play out, allowing them to “cheat time”. In order to do this, Walter needs to find a way to let 2011 Peter see what will happen if he makes the same choice he repeatedly makes at that moment in time. It’s an easy enough concept to grasp, if we consider how we might act differently if we could see the future results of our choices.
While we don’t see the mechanism by which Walter brings Peter’s consciousness forward in time, we know that he finds a way – as illustrated at the end of “The Last Sam Weiss”, Peter’s consciousness jumps forward to the future he is about to set in motion. The glimpse into the 2026 continues throughout most of “The Day We Died”, as both the audience and Peter see the outcome of the choice he already made.
This convergence of past, present and future consciousness allows Peter to witness the negative consequence of his actions and make a different choice by using the Machine’s power to create a bridge between the two universes. Saving both.
However, Future Peter and Walter realize that that there would likely be “repercussions” for cheating the rules of time. In a moment of poignancy it dawns on Walter that: “there is no way of telling what the cost might be.” However, he quickly decides that: “it can’t be worse than this”.
It is at this moment where Peter’s glimpse into the future comes to an end – his 2026 vision has spanned days, but only 60 seconds have past in linear time.


Think of a timeline as a sequence of events in linear form – one that is repeating, therefore creating the time-loop we’ve mentioned. Within the timeline exists the show’s universes – we have ‘over here’ and ‘over there’ (and possibly many other universes), where the characters experience time in a linear fashion: past > present > future.
The truth is that all of time is occurring simultaneously – past, present and future are happening all at once. In “The Firefly”, September explains this by telling Walter that while he knows all of the possible future outcomes, he doesn’t know which will come to pass. This is because within the framework of events that have already happened in the time-loop, there are moments where freewill can change the direction of the timeline, creating a new conscious experience.
This is what happens when Peter makes a different choice in the Machine after seeing the mistake he repeatedly made in previous iterations of time. By joining the two universes he activates a new branch in time and changes the course of history.
Remember, since time is happening all at once, the future that Peter saw continues to play out in, some sense, because it has already happened. What he has now done is decide to branch the timeline off into a different direction. The future he glimpsed now becomes what I like to call “Phantom timeline” – a possible future that exists along with all the other ‘possible’ futures – that is no longer being actively experienced on a conscious level.
There’s a clue in Olivia’s last line, where she says: “we’re here now”. Think about what that means. To me it’s a character saying that they’ve moved to a new place, they’re taking a different path than the one they’ve been endlessly caught up in. While she’s not aware of this context, it’s reasonable to take this as the underlying message.
This new place – or timeline, now becomes the active timeline because Peter has joined the two universes, and by doing so has instantly changed the conditions of the timeline.

Why Peter Doesn’t Exist

Now on to the part that has a lot of people confused:
  • Why don’t the other characters remember Peter?
  • How can he not exist?
While only the writers know exactly what they plan to do (or how they’ll paint themselves out of a corner), there are viable outcomes to both questions. This is a cliffhanger that is supposed to have you asking questions about the nature of fate, freewill, and existentialism.
All three concepts run heavily throughout the finale, as we witness Peter apply his freewill to crash events that have already played out. Seconds after bringing a new path of time into existence, Peter himself ceases to exist. This is arguably a powerful and potent move that gives the audience the opportunity to view the story with new eyes.
So what happens?

September is right, Peter no longer exists. But I am also certain that he’s speaking in relation to the characters who no longer remember him. The audience knows that Peter exists in the now ‘phantom’ timeline because we saw him sacrifice himself (perhaps unwittingly) to make a different choice. But here is where those “repercussions” that future Walter and Peter talked about come into play – by bringing about this ‘new’ future, Peter essentially deleted himself from the active timeline. History and the other characters in this timeline don’t remember him because, from their linear experience of time, he was never there. He was never born.
Peter didn’t just change the present and the future when he joined the two universes. He changed the past, present and future. Remember, time is happening simultaneously, therefore Peter’s act of bringing the two worlds together changed the conditions of the timeline in all directions. While it is left intentionally ambiguous as to exactly why Peter can’t exist in this timeline, it’s reasonable to assume that the new conditions that he brought into existence (including those that ripple back right to the beginning of time itself) are no longer viable for his own existence. He out loop-holed himself.
It’s possible that the Machine to which he was uniquely attuned no longer shares a connection with him. After all, if he doesn’t exist, then it stands to reason that the Machine would have another purpose, or a connection with someone else – especially since the Machine is still in the room before we cut to the final scene. It’s a kind of reverse way of thinking that given the true nature of time lends itself to making sense of the situation.
So, as September said: Peter served his purpose. A remark that implies Peter’s fate was always to bring the two universes together at some juncture. In 1985 September made a mistake which led Walter to cross over and take Peter from the alternate universe. This interfered with the natural course of events – events that have possibly repeated in many loops of time.
By preparing Walter to sacrifice Peter and by observing key moments in time, the Observers (namely September) have quite possibly reset the imbalance – or taken the timeline to a place where they believe it needs to go. One of the recent episodes, “Stowaway”, helps inform this idea: Dana Gray is unable to die because she hasn’t fulfilled her purpose. The very moment that she does, she dies. And so it goes. Many stories are built on this premise.
Some people have asked how other factors can remain so consistent without Peter – the other characters, the warring universes, etc. This can be explained by entanglement. History repeats itself – even if a particular aspect is removed, it’s fairly reasonable to think that events could still unfold in similar ways.
Especially in a story where some things are just meant to happen, where nature can intervene to course-correct those comic ‘hiccups’. And that’s the question: fate vs freewill and how much of each is an illusion? Is there really freewill within a circular system? At what price does freewill exist? What does it mean if the world can end up almost the same without our presence? What does that say about existence? These are some of the questions that we are left with.
But I know that you also want to know where Peter is. The truth is, it really is anyone’s guess. Based on the thoughts I’ve laid out in this guide, I’d say that Peter is stuck in another timeline somewhere – or possibly another universe within the active (or Phantom) timeline. But I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Future Walter and Peter planned for this to happen for whatever reason.
Here are a few other considerations
Did William Bell have more knowledge about the existence of the time-loop, given that the alternate universe Machine was based on his design?
  • When we consider some of the things that Bell has said over the course of the series, along with the timing of his recent return, it’s pretty likely that he had some knowledge but was unwilling to let the other characters know. Perhaps he didn’t want to make them consciously aware too early, thus negatively influencing their choices? William Bell is, after all, the character who told Olivia: “I’ve seen history repeat itself enough times..,” and encouraged Walter to “cross the line” – a phrase which should now hold even more meaning in the Fringeverse. All we have to do is alter it to “cross the time-line”, which is essentially what Peter did – he made a new timeline come to pass.
Does Baby Henry still exist? Is Alternate Broyles alive? Charlie?..
  • It’s definitely possible that the likes of Alternate Broyles and Charlie are now alive, given that the timeline is now different. However, for Baby Henry to exist that would require Peter to have existed. And since he didn’t, it’s very unlikely that his kid can exist this timeline.
Why are the two universes still at war?
  • Simple: Walter and Bell were always looking for ways to cross over to the alternate universe before Walter’s Peter died. In this new timeline they just found another reason to do so. It’s worth noting that Walternate still assigns blame on Walter for killing innocents and shattering his world, while Walter says it was “an accident” and chastises Walternate for retaliating. So, again, we have those similar events playing out – just without Peter.


If I had any doubts about Lauren they were washed away with this beautiful song dedicated to her mother. I am pulling for Lauren all the way.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Il Volo - 'O Sole Mio

These young men performed on American Idol last night and blew me away. Talk about talent!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Castle Season 3 Finale "Knockout"

OMG was i sobbing at the end of the season finale last night!

I had been staying away from all spoilers most of the second half of the season so I was completely blindsided by what happened.

Never in a million years did I think that Captain Montgomery was one of the bad guys or at least working with them.  He sacrificed himself and made it all right before he was killed. His funeral had me sobbing like a fool and then the unimaginable happens, Beckett is gunned down right at the funeral as she was giving her eulogyCastle tells her that he loves her and then she closes her eyes and the credits start to roll.  Talk about sobbing and getting hysterical.

Here is a video clip of that last scene thanks to Stephanie from my Castle group.


ALCATRAZ - First Look Trailer

This is another series that I am definitely watching this fall.

New Fall Series on Fox--"Terra Nova"

Here is another series that I am so excited about--"Terra Nova" which will air on Fox.  I cannot help myself, I love dinosaurs!!  


TERRA NOVA - First Look Trailer

Now this is right up my alley.

With all the cancellations that have happened this last week seeing this new trailer has got me excited.

NBC's New Series--Awake

This clip I just watched is most fascinating and will probably be one of the new series that I will watch in September.  See for yourself.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Television Networks On A Killing Spree

You know, the TV networks never cease to amaze me at their stupidity.

This past week many of the new series that were introduced in September of 2010 and 2009 were canceled.  Many good series such as Detroit 1-8-7, Off The Map, No Ordinary Family, The Event, The Chicago Code, Human Target, V and I am sure there are some that I forgot to mention.

But when I started to see the new series for September that would be replacing these series, I started to laugh.  Charlie's Angels???  Really?  They canceled good series for that crap!!!!

There were a few new series that caught my attention but that's it.

I say put it to a vote by the American Public on which series gets renewed and which gets canceled and not use that ridiculous Nielsen ratings system and then you just may get a fair outcome.  But leaving it to the Network executives just isn't working and for the love of God, get rid of that Nielsen ratings system and put a system in place that tells the true story of just who is watching these series and who is not.

I am gun shy now to even start watching any new series come September because I am afraid they will not be given a fair shake.

I am anxiously waiting to hear if Blue Bloods will get renewed and if it doesn't, then I just give up.  The Encore channels have some great lineups of movies and I just may have to start watching that instead of the 4 major networks that are hell bent on self destruction.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Idol--Haley Reinhart's Performance

When I say this was the best performance of the night, I mean it.  Gave me goose bumps.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 21

Click on the pic above to take you to my photo gallery to view the screen caps from Friday 5/6/2011 episode.

Don't you just love this house pictured above? I do and I would give my eye teeth for it. LOL

Another solid episode! This series never fails to completely entertain me. I love the whole dynamics of the Reagan family especially Frank Reagan played so brilliantly by Tom Selleck.

Now from the previews for next week, it looks like the story line about the Blue Templar will be coming to a head and I fear for Jamie. But from the previews it looks like Frank now knows that his son Joe was murdred and that the connection to his murder is the Blue Templar. I am going to love to see Frank Reagan loose it to get his son's murderer. The upcoming episode and season 1 finale should be fantastic.

But in the meantime, Jamie is in real trouble. Come on Danny, come to Jamie's rescue as I know you will do.

Love, love this series.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 20

Friday 5/6/2011 episode of Supernatural has left me with my mouth hanging open.

I am thinking that perhaps Cas (dare I even write this down) will die. I love the character of Cas and would hate to see his character leave Supernatural, but as I was watching Friday's episode I couldn't help but to think that this was going to happen.

When Dean tricked Cas into reveling just what Cas has been up to with that question, my heart sank and the look on Dean's face was of utter betrayal and loss. The thing that ticked me off was that Dean, Sam and Bobby never even gave Cas a chance to explain himself.

So now it is in the hands of the writers and I only hope that they make the right decision, but I can tell you this from being an owner of a Yahoo group for Supernatural, that if they kill off either Cas or Bobby the fans are going to be spitting mad and I think a lot of people will stop watching Supernatural because of this.

The only tiny bit of hope that I see is that nobody on Supernatural stays dead for too long and given the fact that Cas is an Angel I sure hope that God will intercede.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fringe Season 3 Finale

The Fringe season 3 finale was AMAZING and shocked the crap out of me.

I was hysterical at Olivia's funeral but it was the last scene that threw me in to a tailspin. What does it all mean? I guess we will have to wait until next season to find out.

This episode was phenomenal and if John Noble doesn't get an Emmy nomination then there is something wrong. He was just unbelievable in this episode as he was most of this season.

Fringe writers, cast and crew, you have done an amazing job this season and thank you Fox network for renewing it for another season.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol--Last Night's Competition Round--The Top 5 Perform

I am going to say 2 names, Haley Reinhardt and James Durbin.  These two are the ones that should be in the final round.

Haley blew me away last night with her performance of The Animals "House of The Rising Sun" and James just plain blew me away.  These two hae so much soul and talent that it isn't even funny.

Screw what the nasty critics are saying especially those dumb asses over at EW who have nothing nice to say about any of the contestants or for anybody connected to American Idol.  For the love of Pete, most of these kids are in their late teens or early 20's and just starting out so cut them some slack.  I think Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler and Jimmy Iovine are better at knowing who has the talent since they are mega music talents and not some staff writers for EW.

Here is a video of Haley singing "House Of The Rising Sun".  You go girl.

NCIS Season 8 Episode22

A great episode of NCIS on Tuesday as we travel back into Tony's past and see how he and Gibbs met. I loved the first head slap!!!

Click on the above pic to see the screen caps that I made from this episode at my photo gallery. Please credit if using any. Thanks!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 19

Click on the pic above to tale you to my photo gallery where I have uploaded the screen caps from Supernatural "Mommie Dearest". Please take whatever you like just credit me please if using.

I never in a million years would have guessed that Cas has teamed up with Crowley. I haven't been reading any spoilers for Supernatural so this was a total shock to me. The last 5 minutes of this episode knocked the wind right out of me. I have tons of questions now. Why has Cas done this, has he turned evil, is this the end of Cas?????? And the biggest question I have is this. Was it Cas who pulled Sam out of that cage and why did he leave his soul behind?

The season finale should be awesome and Sera Gamble, you better know here and now if you do kill Cas off you are going to have a lot of angry fans on your hands, fans that might stop watching SPN altogether. Not me because as much as I love Cas the show is about Sam and Dean.

Well at least Mother is out of the way but is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think for all of her evil ways, she was being honest in what she said to Sam and Dean.

Great episode and would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this.