Monday, May 16, 2011

Television Networks On A Killing Spree

You know, the TV networks never cease to amaze me at their stupidity.

This past week many of the new series that were introduced in September of 2010 and 2009 were canceled.  Many good series such as Detroit 1-8-7, Off The Map, No Ordinary Family, The Event, The Chicago Code, Human Target, V and I am sure there are some that I forgot to mention.

But when I started to see the new series for September that would be replacing these series, I started to laugh.  Charlie's Angels???  Really?  They canceled good series for that crap!!!!

There were a few new series that caught my attention but that's it.

I say put it to a vote by the American Public on which series gets renewed and which gets canceled and not use that ridiculous Nielsen ratings system and then you just may get a fair outcome.  But leaving it to the Network executives just isn't working and for the love of God, get rid of that Nielsen ratings system and put a system in place that tells the true story of just who is watching these series and who is not.

I am gun shy now to even start watching any new series come September because I am afraid they will not be given a fair shake.

I am anxiously waiting to hear if Blue Bloods will get renewed and if it doesn't, then I just give up.  The Encore channels have some great lineups of movies and I just may have to start watching that instead of the 4 major networks that are hell bent on self destruction.

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