Wednesday, March 16, 2011

V--Season 2 Finale

What a tense, nerve racking episode it was and one that had me gasping at every scene.  Here are my comments that I sent in today to my V group.  ABC, if you are reading people's blogs than listen please. Please do not cancel this amazing series.  It deserves another season to send Anna to hell where she belongs.

In the space of 46 minutes, Tyler, Dianna, and Ryan were all killed and Father Jack was under Anna’s bliss.  So what happened to Hobbs and that wiz kid.  Oh and Chad was taken to the mother ship to be executed for sure.  Man that is a lot of action packed into 46 minutes.  That’s an hour minus the commercial breaks.
This episode was very intense t put it mildly and it is a shame if it doesn't get renewed and I put all the blame on ABC for the way that they handled things.  Putting a show on such a long hiatus as they did is not the smartest of moves.  Don’t these network executives get it?
OMG, that scene where the fake Lisa was making love to Tyler and what she did to him after was horrifying.   That whole scene with the real Lisa in the warehouse with Anna had me on the edge of my seat.
I CANNOT believe what Ryan’s daughter did to him.  I guess Anna taught him well.
So Erica’s FBI boss and her new partner were working for a secret government agency all the time to get the V’s and destroy Anna all along.  That surprised me.  Shoot, everything about the finale either shocked me or surprised me.
I have one question—where is Hobbs and what happened to him?

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