Friday, March 25, 2011

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 17

Last night's episode of Private Practice was awesome.

I was so hoping that Adddison was pregnant. It broke my heart that she only had the flu. Sam is acting like a dick and I hope that Addison realizes that relationship is going nowhere fast. How can you say that you love somebody and then sleep with your ex-wife?? I would love to see Addison finally meet somebody who is a loving, caring man.

The stories this week were heartbreaking especially the one about that high school senior who was waiting to hear about a college scholarship for wrestling. Only problem was that he had something wrong with his heart and Cooper would not sign the papers for him to play. The mother eventually forged his signature. The kid collapsed after the wrestling match and was on life support.

Cooper feels useless, Violet was having a tough time with some of the critics reviews on her new book and Sheldon was romancing the woman who wrote the bad review. Just wait until Violet finds out.

Kudos to Charlotte who gave Cooper a wonderful pep talk. Charlotte is my favorite character on PP next to Addison.

I finished making the screen caps and they have been uploaded to my photo gallery. Please credit me if yu use any. Just click on the above pic to take you to my gallery.

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