Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fringe "Stowaway" 3/18/2011

Holy cow (sorry Gene) that was an unusual episode even for Fringe but I loved it.
Loved seeing Lincoln Lee as the FBI agent and isn’t it too weird how everything and everyone is coming together.  My question about agent Lee is—how come he showed up last night?  Is he aware of the other universe?
That whole thing with Astrid and Bellivia was too funny.  I loved when Astrid buttoned up her shirt while she was looking at Bellivia.
Gene the cow—I was dying when Walter and Bellivia got the idea to use Gene as Bell’s vessel.
Walter and Bellivia stoned in the lab.  Anna Torv is doing a remarkable job as Olivia being possessed by Bell.
Peter being so annoyed about the whole thing and his snarky comments every time Bellivia opens her/his mouth.
The last scene where Olivia comes back just for a second and then Bell returns and Bellivia’s comment to Walter about that it is going to take longer than they realized.
I just thought the whole episode was well done especially the subtle comedy elements.  I just lovd when broyles got mad at bellivia and told him to leave his agent alone.

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