Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fringe "Bloodline"

Oh my wherever do I begin.

First off last night's episode was an example of why this series shouldn't get canceled and as it turns out, Fox came to their senses and gave it a full season order for next year. (Jumping up and down with excitement)

Bloodlines takes place in the alternate universe and Altlivia gets kidnapped and is strapped to a table while a slew of doctors and nurses are injecting her, xraying her and we actually get to see her baby,  Problem is that Olivia has this rare disorder called viral propagated eclampsia which would be deadly to her and the baby.  After the tests we see the Altlivia is full term so the team that was working on her accelerated her pregnancy.  She escapes and Lincoln finds her collapsed in the street reading to give birth.  

Working with Lincoln and Charlie to save Altivia is our favorite cab driver who helped our Olivia escape.  He and Lincoln help deliver the baby inside a store.  Lincoln declares his love for Altivia as she looks like she is dying.  That's when I was sobbing and my glasses that I wear for watching TV flew off my face onto the floor making the lenses pop out.  Dear Lord, what I don't go through for my TV series.  As it turns out Olivia is okay and so is the baby.

Now this part is a bit murky for me and I probably have to watch it again but I think Walternate was behind the whole thing because he was insuring that his grandson would be okay by accelerating Altlivia's pregnancy. He wanted to make sure that the baby was born healthy.  Why??  Well I read a recap and review of last night's episode from E Online and the author made complete sense to me when they said it's not Peter behind that whole doomsday machine but his son.  Makes perfect sense to me.  

Wait until Peter finds out that he has a son and just what will he do??????

So last night's episode just added another layer to this already phenomenal series and one that just may have people semi hysterical at the end of this season.

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