Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fringe Season 3 Episode 20

Screen caps fro Fringe 3x20 "6:02AM EST". Click on pic above to be taken to my gallery. Take whatever you like just credit me if using.

This episode has got to be one of the best from this series.

Thrilled to hear that Altlivia named the baby Henry after our favorite cab driver. She took a huge risk in stealing those capsules to try and get back to our universe and it is too bad that she got caught. I just wonder what Walternate has planned for her. It can't be good no matter what he says. I have grown fond of Altlivia and would hate to see her die.

So glad that our Olivia found Sam Weiss. I hope Sam can stop Walternate and his evil plan to destroy our universe so his can live. There has to be a solution where both the universes will survive. I have come to be quite fond of the people in the alt universe and would hate to loose any of them.

I about had a stroke when Peter went up to the machine, touched it and got a huge jolt that rendered him unconscious and why now is that machine so lethal to Peter? Can it be because Walternate used the baby's DNA to start the machine and not Peters? Oh my the possibilities are endless.

Whatever is happening cannot be good because one universe will survive and one will be destroyed unless they will both merge into one.

The scene with Walter in the chapel talking to God had me crying.  John Noble did a fantastic job and he deserves an Emmy nomination for his performance last night.  He has been overlooked for too long now.  What an amazing scene this was.

Phenomenal episode last night!!! Kudos to the cast and writers for giving us such a fantastic episode.

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