Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol--Shocking Elimination

I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of the voting public on American Idol.  We have millions of teenagers voting over and over again for the cutest male contestant and because of this Pia Toscano was sent home last night in what has to be one of the biggest upsets in the 10 year American Idol history.

Pia is an amazing singer and I know that she will do well with recording offers.  Just look at the wonderful Jennifer Hudson who also got sent packing too soon.  She has a Grammy and an Oscar.  I know that Pia will do well.  Her voice is amazing and she is elegant.  She reminds me of Celion.

My entire household was in an uproar over her being sent home last night thanks to the voting system on American Idol.  I say that it should be left in the hands of judges every week and not the public.

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Ellie said...

This was sad, she has a great voice. I think Stephano was shocked when they said her name. I think everyone this year is very good although I am a Hailey fan :)