Sunday, November 13, 2011

Supernatural Season 7 "Time For A Wedding"

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This episode had me ROTFLMAO! As soon as I saw the bride come down the aisle and Sam acting all gooey, I knew we were going to be in for one heck of an episode and I was right. The bride turned out to be Becky! That alone made me scream with laughter. I knew right away that a spell must have been cast.

Poor Becky who is still looking for love even if it means drugging Sam to get it.

The best lines of course came from Dean. I thought he was going to have a brain hemorrhage when he saw that it was Becky. And then what does he give them for a wedding gift, a freaking waffle iron!!!!!

Turns out that Becky was giving Sam a drug and in return for that Mr. Old Demon wants her soul. She didn't give in and in the end they pulled a fast one and got Becky free but then who shows up--CROWLEY! Actually it was Crowly who sets her free in a twisted kind of sick way that only Crowly can do.

So Sam and Becky have their marriage annulled and all is well for the Winchester brothers once again--as well as it can be given what they have to do and the lives they live.

We needed this break that we got from this episode since things look like they will be getting down and dirty once again.

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