Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NCIS Season 9 "Engaged" Part 2

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They certainly picked the right episode for the November sweeps.

This 2 part episode and especially last night was just stunning. My husband and I watched this in complete silence and then I looked at him at the end of the episode and remembered that he was in the Marines back in the late 1960s. NCIS is the only series that he watches every week along with Fringe.

That scene with Gibbs at Arlington was just so powerful and awesome that it took my breath away.

I also liked the scene where Gibbs went into the interrogation room and brought the pack of cigarettes with him. I thought for sure he was going to burn that terrorist and I wouldn't have blamed him if he did. What he and others did to those 2 little girls was horrific.

Tony has something eating away at him and i don't think we have yet learned what that is. Loved the scene in the chapel when he was talking to God.

Ziva shone in this episode. It really upset her so much because that Marine died and she held his hand and talked to him until he died. That scene made me cry. Also when she was talking to those 2 little girls who had been tortured she was wonderful with them as was Gibbs.

I can see why this series is still the number 1 drama on TV. It has earned that right!

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