Monday, February 7, 2011

Tonight--Harry's Law

I am looking forward to tonight's episode of Harry's Law.  Here are some photos and a synopsis.

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 05:30 AM PST
Episode Synopsis: HARRY’S LAW “Wheels of Justice” Episode 4 – Harry (Kathy Bates) grows increasingly concerned about Malcolm’s (Aml Ameen) association with the over-the-top Tommy and their lawsuit. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles to be less ridiculous as he, his associate, and Malcolm argue in court against large fast-food corporations. In a shocking turn of events, Chunhua (Irene Keng) is attacked behind the laundromat. When her assailant is set free after cutting a deal, Damien (Johnny Ray Gill) risks serious jail time by taking justice into his own hands, while Adam (Nate Corddry) finds comfort in his ex-girlfriend, Rachael. Brittany Snow also stars.
Show Summary: Emmy Award–winning writer/producer David E. Kelley (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice,” “Ally McBeal”) weaves his rich storytelling into a new legal dramedy starring Academy Award winner Kathy Bates in the title role — about how people can embrace the unexpected curveballs that life can throw at them.

Also a video clip.
Wheels of Justice

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