Friday, February 18, 2011

Grey's Anatomy "The Golden Hour"

I have always loved the character of Adele Webber.  She is funny and a no nonsense woman who has put up with a lot of BS in her life.  To see what Meredith is suspecting from this wonderful character is just ripping my heart out.  Richard’s reaction is what I suspected it to be—denial.  Can you imagine that tow woman whom you have loved both have coming down with Alzheimer’s disease.  What are the odds of that happening???  If Adele does have early onset Alzheimer's disease, this is going to be one hell of an emotional storyline.  I have no idea where Shonda is taking this storyline because I gave up trying to second guess her a long time ago.
Just seeing how Meredith handled things in the ER I vote for her to become Chief Resident.  Her or Alex who is just shinning this season.  The writing is on the wall with Alex and that new doc.  You just know those 2 are going to hook up.
No surprises for me that Jackson and Lexie are going on a date.  Saw that one coming a few episodes ago.  Hey, Jackson is pretty and has a great body so if I were Lexie I would sleep with him too.
Teddi was funny over her “husband” and her date meeting and talking with each other.
Snarky Christina is back.
Callie is a bit bitchy since she became pregnant.  I can relate believe me.
Bailey and Eli--OMG!  I was peeing my pants to actually see Bailey going to an on call room for a little action.  You go Bailey!!
Another fantastic episode and I cannot wait to see next week’s when Meredith starts loosing her vision.  I predict a box of Kleenex will be needed.

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