Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Bloods--Dedication

If people ask me why I love Blue Bloods so much I give them one simple answer--Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Frank Reagan has so much dignity it isn't even funny. Tom's portrayal of Frank Reagan is spot on for me and one of the reasons why this series works.

In Friday (2/18)episode, Frank gets shot as he is leaving a restaurant with a priest who he just had dinner with. A car speeds up and opens fire at Frank. Frank pushes the priest to safety and is shot in the back and shoulder. His wounds were not life threatening but now the police department must find out who did this and why.

Of course Danny wants to find these men and why they did this. The Deputy Police Commissioner, who I think is dirty, tells Danny he is off the case. Danny doesn't listen and to make a long story short, Danny and his brother thwart another attempt on Frank's life at the dedication ceremony for their bother Joe who was killed in the line of duty.

Fantastic episode and my favorite part was when Frank went to see the man behind all of this who is in the hospital dying and brings him a priest so the man can make a final confession. The man blames Frank for his daughter and grandchild being killed. Frank has been carrying around this horrible guilt with him since it happened.

Another fantastic episode from this wonderful series.

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