Monday, February 7, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Article

This great article was from The Lexington TV Examiner.

     Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has begun his clinical trials on Alzheimer's patients, and as we'd seen discussed before, not brought his wife, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), along for the ride. That is a crying shame, considering her family history. Luckily, Alex (Justin Chambers) pointed that out to him, so it looks like Meredith will soon be by Derek's side once again, professionally as well as personally.
     Does having a mother who suffered from Alzheimer's put Meredith too close to the situation? I understand why her history would distract Derek, who would be concerned about his wife instead of totally focusing on the patients. But Meredith has more than proven herself a great doctor, and so it makes sense, too, to include her, especially when she will have such strong motivation to solve the problem. Some wonderful breakthroughs have occurred in science when the researcher had family or friends giving him or her a personal stake. I think a Derek-Meredith partnership on this project will not only solidify their power couple status in the medical world, but is bound to be successful. At least, from a TV writing stand point, that seems the path to take. Let's just hope Meredith's problems getting pregnant don't screw it all up.
     Alex, one of the best characters in the series, removed himself from Derek's study after discovering that he couldn't handle lying to the patients and their families, giving them the false hope needed to make the study work. This is just one of a recent string of areas where Alex has tried his hand at something new, and found he didn't like it nearly as much as pediatrics. It always comes down to perference, never a lack of skill. I understand he is still somewhat in his student phase, but it's time to commit Alex totally to Arizona's tutelage. He is awesome in peds, and that's where he belongs.
     If you thought Owen (Kevin McKidd) seemed mysteriously absent from this week's episode, there was good reason for that. McKidd directed it, though only found out he would do so four days before the story began shooting. Add to that, this was McKidd's first directing experience, though he'd been working in preparation for awhile, he was really far too busy to be a central part of the story. I think it is a credit to him that I didn't pick out an odd directing style, but instead a great, consistent episode in a fantastic season. Though I miss Owen, I hope McKidd gets more opportunities to hone his other skill. He did a fine job, as far as I can tell.
     Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. If you've drifted away because of substandard plots the past couple of years, come back. The show has not only fixed its bugs, but is currently soaring.

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