Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova--Series Premiere

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought the scenery was great as some of the cast. Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang were great in their roles as Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor.
Does it have room for improvement—YES. I realize that this was the pilot episode and this series has got to find it’s legs. They have to stay away from the teeny bopper’s always getting into trouble because that’s a little too cliché for me.
Loved the dino scenes although I want to see a T-Rex make an appearance soon. LOL
This series does have potential if they will just stay on track. I found those sixers ,I think that’s what they call them, fascinating. I would like to find out more about why they broke away and went out on their own.
All in all not a bad start. It did fall a bit short in what I was expecting. But that seems to be the case in most new series last year and this year with the exception of a few.
Love to hear your thoughts.
Here are some screen caps I made from the premiere.

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