Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Return Of Grey's Anatomy Tonight

This as always is the highlight of the new fall season.  I cannot wait to watch this tonight and I guarantee that I will be crying by the end of the episode.

Here are some spoilers about this episode tonight from TV Fanatic.

Grey's Anatomy returns for its eighth season tonight, and we can promise you - based on an early screening of Thursday's back-to-back episodes - that there will be major developments across the board.
Without giving away too much, we've compiled a short list of things fans can expect in "Free Fallin'" and "She's Gone" (see sneak preview clips), an event that will begin to shape this transitional new season.
Share your comments below with predictions regarding the following plot lines:
  • Someone gets fired from the hospital and someone leaves.
  • Social Services comes looking for Meredith and Derek.
  • Henry undergoes a new procedure, one that causes lots of worry.
  • A resident goes unconscious at the hands of another resident.
  • A doctor makes a big decision that could ruin his/her reputation.
  • Christina and Owen's fate as parents is decided.

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