Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Castle Season 4 Episode 1

Castle season 4 opener was awesome last night. Click on the pic to be taken to my photo gallery where the caps are.

A few things stood out for me:

The roles of Beckett and Castle seem to have been reversed. He knows things about her mother's case that she doesn't and he is watching her back.

Beckett does remember everything that happened including when Castle told her that he loves her thus explaining her 3 month disappearing act and not contacting Castle.

Who is the person behind al of this--I want to know. A member of my Castle group, Sass, said she thinks it's Beckett's father. Oh my that would be something.

A little fracture occurred in the relationship between Castle and Alexis. She's worried about him and if I was reading her right in the first half of the episode, she wants him to stay away from Beckett.

Fantastic episode and I am looking forward to this season.

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