Friday, September 9, 2011

Rookie Blue Season 2 Finale Part 1

OMG, this opening scene from last night's season finale was precious. I was laughing so hard but it was a delightful, good laugh.

Last night's 2 hour season finale was fantastic. I loved every second of this.

High points of this were:

Opening scene with McNally and Sam.

Noelle telling Frank that she thinks she is pregnant. Great news and I hope that it is true. Noelle and Frank will make great parents.

Sam asking Andi that question at the end--"Should we try normal together"? I about fainted on the floor. If he would have asked me I would have said yes so loud they would have heard me in the next county.

Wonderful end to a wonderful season.

Click on the above pic to get to see the screen caps from the first part of this episode.

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