Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 1

Click on the above for the screen caps I made for this episode.

The second season premiere of Harry's Law saw some big changes.

Harry walked into her humble little Law office/shoe store and proceeded to get into an elevator which took her to her new location for her firm and a whole new staff. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this and thought to myself that they have ruined this delightful little drama. But as the hour progressed and Mark Valley stepped onto to the screen, I knew that things were going to be okay. More than okay now that Mark Valley has joined the cast. To add more to my delight, I see that they have made Tommy Jefferson a regular cast member. Whew, all is okay and even better than okay with the addition of Mark Valley as lawyer Oliver. Plus they have a new female attorney who is great and her case was touching this week if not downright heartbreaking.

Of course Harry got the big case along with Oliver. A man accused of killing his wife and writing it in detail in his journal. Well that part was actually fantasizing on what he could do after 30 years of misery. The problem is that he didn't do it. Harry is up against guest star Jean Smart as this bitchy know it all prosecutor who at the end of the episode has Harry thrown in jail for jury tampering. That's how season 2 started with a big old cliffhanger.

I fell in love with this series last year and I know that I will love it this season.

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