Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Premiere Part 1

The screen caps part 1 from the season 8 premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Just click on the above pic to be taken to my photo gallery where I have uploaded all the caps I made from this stunning episode.

There isn't an episode of GA that I watch that I don't love or that makes me cry and this did both. Somethings that stood out for me:

Meredith and Derek---Derek is still unforgiving and won't budge an inch and I am starting to think he has reverted to the ass he was earlier in this series.

The Chief--Making the ultimate sacrifice in taking the blame for what Meredith did. He feels so responsible for Meredith having such a crappy life at the hands of her unloving and uncaring mother and I think this was one way that he caould try and make up for some of that.

Henry and Teddi--I am so glad that Henry came through the surgery okay. Teddi really does love him.

Christina and Owen--Christina went ahead with the abortion and Owen stood by her. That was a real tearjerker.

Meredith and Derek--In the end, they lost Zola because of Meredith lying about her and Derek living apart and once again Derek blames her. When Meredith walked away with Alex comforting her, that's when I lost it. She is now a mother and knows how it feels to loose a child. I hope she gets Zola back.

So the drama is back and the great story telling. Welcome back Grey's Anatomy.

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