Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Thoughts On The X Factor

It was a mess.  Did not live up to the hype that Simon Cowell gave it.  To me it is just a glitzy version of American Idol and I'll take American Idol any ay of the week over this.

We got a bit of the usual sob stories, horrendous auditions and some outstanding ones.  Sound vaguely familiar? 

My biggest gripe with this is what the producers allowed to happen.  A man dropped his pants on stage to the audience and waved his penis around like it was some treasure he just found.  The TV audience didn't see his penis because they had blooped that out thank God.  There were children in the studio audience and that was way over the top and just plain disgusting and unnecessary.  Then Paula rushes off stage to throw up.  Give me a break.  The producers never should have allowed that to happen and this man should have been pulled right off of stage as soon as he dropped his pants.

I turned the channel and that's it for me and the X-Factor. 

I'll stick with American Idol thank you!

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