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SYTYCD The Top 20

I am more than thrilled with this year's top 20 and we are going to all be in for some amazing dance routines from these talented kids.  Here is an article from Daemon TV,

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “Meet The Top 20″ Review

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “Meet The Top 20″ Season 8 Episode 5 – It was time to reveal the Top 20 on tonight’s episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and it was such an exciting two-hours.
This year, we were introduced to a new format that I really enjoyed. Instead of spending the whole time going through the people that made it and the ones that didn’t, the show found a way to mix results with great routines as the contestants took the stage after we found out they had made it.
This small change made this result show my favorite in So You Think You Can Dance‘s history. I hope they keep it that way next season.
And so it was time to find out who made it. As I had previously mentioned, we’re getting a top 20 this year and then the all-star will be back for the top 10. I still wish they had gotten rid of the all-star and gone back to the original format, but oh well it’s better than nothing.
So here is your top 20 (you can see all the photos and information on each dancer here):
Top 10 Guys: Ricky Jamie, Chris Koehl, Wadi Jones, Tadd Gadduang, Robert Taylor Jr., Marko Germar, Jess LeProtto, Nick Young, Mitchell Kelly, Alexander Fost
Top 10 Girls: Miranda Maleski, Melanie Moore, Sasha Mallory, Iveta Lukosiute, Jordan Casanova, Clarice Ordaz, Missy Morelli, Caitlynn Lawson, Ashley Rich, Ryan Ramirez
Then it was time for the performances. Let’s dive right into it.
Performance #1
Dancers: Ricky, Miranda, Melanie, Sasha
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Style: Contemporary
Song: “In This Shirt” by The Irrerpressibles
Thoughts: This is exactly why there shouldn’t be any all-stars! It was fantastic and allowed us to get to know each and every one of the dancers without being distracted by the all-stars. I loved it and I suddenly got so excited for this season!
Performance #2
Dancers: Chris, Wadi, Tadd, Robert
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Style: Hip Hop
Song: “Everyday (Coolin’)” by Swizz Beatz featuring Eve
Thoughts: That was pretty cool, although some parts were not totally together which didn’t make it as good as it could have been. But still it was so much fun to watch.
Performance #3
Dancers: Iveta and Pasha
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Style: Ballroom
Song: “Ven a Bailar (On the Floor)” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
Thoughts: Oh well, forget what I said about the all-star, as long as you bring Pasha back… just kidding, but I do always enjoy seeing him dance. And since Iveta is the only Ballroom dancer this season, it was great to see her dance with a partner.
Performance #4
Dancers: Jordan Clarice, Missy, Marko
Choreographer: Sonia Tayeh
Style: Jazz
Song: “Vanguardian” by Steed Lord
Thoughts: I love Sonia’s routines, they are always so out there, yet so freaking cool! And this one was no different. Love it.
Performance #5
Dancers: Nick and Jess
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Style: Broadway/Tap
Song: “Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter” by Nina Simone
Thoughts: That was a lot of fun and dare I say that I think Nick is one of my early favorites.
Performance #6
Dancers: Mitchell, Caitlynn, Alexander, Ashley, Ryan
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Style: Contemporary
Song: “Moth’s Wings” by Passion Pit
Thoughts: That was beautiful, another great performance.
Performance #7
Dancers: Top 10 Guys
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Style: Hip Hop/Contemporary
Song: “Velocity” by Nathan Lanier
Thoughts: Pretty incredible. I usually always love group numbers because I’m always so impressed 1) that the choreographer thought of all of this 2) by how brilliant the dancers are.
Performance #8
Dancers: Top 10 Girls
Choreographer: Sonia Tayeh
Style: Jazz
Song: “Pop Drop & Roll” by Chonique Sneed & Lisette Bustamante
Thoughts: Another crazy routine by Sonia. I didn’t love this one as much as her earlier one, but still, those top 10 girls are amazing.
Performance #9
Dancers: Top 20
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: “Little Bird” by Annie Lennox
Thoughts: A perfect way to end the show with the entire top 20 on stage. It was great.
Overall, this episode was a perfect gateway to the rest of the season. It gave us an exciting peek at what’s coming up and I for one am sold.
What did you think? Did you enjoy thi

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