Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rookie Blue Season 2 Premiere

I was so happy to see the return of this great summer series and the second season premiere got off with a bang.
Wonderful episode! Things picked up right where they left off and with just the right amount of action to keep it interesting as always.
There is no way that Andi and Luke are going to make it as a couple especially now that some skeletons came flying out of his closet in the way of a former live in girlfriend who looks like she is going to get transferred to the team. Maybe now she will get together with Sam which is what I am hoping for.
Sad to learn that Dov’s brother committed suicide and it was cool that Gail decided to move out of his and Chris’s apartment once she learned what happened to Dov’s brother but Chris wanted no part of it and it was cute what he said to her.
I can’t remember if Jerry and Traci are still an item? He’s hot! LOL
Sad story line about Kate getting killed while she was talking to Andi and all because the shooter thought it was his student who he had the hots for but she rejected him. Too bad Kate was wearing her coat or that never would have happened.
Wonderful start to season 2.

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