Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Premiere of Combat Hospital On ABC

I did something this morning that I usually don't don't do, I read the comments in one of the articles reviewing last night's premiere of Combat Hospital and I was appalled at how ignorant people are.  They were not commenting on the series but on Canada where this series is filmed and they had nothing nice to say about our friends and allies from Canada.  Grow up you idiots from America that are slamming this series and Canada.  I am an American and I was appalled by what I read.  And I know for the most part where these comments were coming from an d i will leave it at that.  Now on to my my comments.

I really enjoyed this episode, and I know that it was the first episode of this series so it needs to find it's legs.  This series has promise if we can do away with all the MASH and China Beach comparisons.

Loved the Colonel in charge.  He's a good doctor with a quirky bedside manner but he knows his stuff and the people surrounding him both staff and patients.

My favorite pat was when the good old boys knocked a hole into the wall where the Al Quedia patient was and stole him.  I hope they gauge his eyes out.  Sorry but I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for these terrorists who on 9/11 brought America to it's knees and killed so many people not to mention the havoc they are reeking on the world.

Good start to this series and I just hope it gets better with each episode.  I know that I will be tuning in each week for sure.

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