Sunday, October 16, 2011

Supernatural--"Defending You Life"

<strong>I really liked this episode a lot.  Weird, yes, but it wouldn't be SPN if it wasn't weird.

Dean is captured by Osiris played brilliantly by Faran Tahir.  Dean has to stand trial for all of guilty deeds and Sam defends him.  Osiris calls his first witness, Jo, who died along with her mother Ellen in a store explosion to save them from being mauled to death by the hounds of hell. 

The next witness is Sam.  Both Sam and Jo are sticking up for Dean but Osiris isn't buying their explanations.  Just as Osiris is to call a third witness whom I assume was Amy, the young woman who was Sam's friend who Dean killed last week while Sam was away from him.  Sam knows nothing of this right now and I can only imagine what will happen once he finds out.  But to my surprise Osiris does not call her but finds Dean guilty of his "sins".  The next thing we see both Sam and Dean and are out and about so I don't know if I missed something or we have a big whole in the episode.

Sam kills Osiris or puts him to sleep for thousands of years and Dean is set free from Jo who came to kill him per Osiris's orders.

Here are a few screen caps that I made from this episode.


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