Friday, October 14, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 5

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I loved last night’s episode of GA. Debbie Allen was just phenomenal as Jackson’s mother and the scene in the OR with her and Jackson was just priceless. She was even hitting on Richard. LOL What a pistol!!!!
I am very happy the baby Zola made it through the surgery okay and loved seeing Christina with her although it didn’t go over too well with Owen. I am sure that will be bought up in another episode. I can’t say that I blame Owen. She didn’t want his children but was acting all “baby mommy” with Zola.
I felt bad for Meredith and Derek when at the end they were in the elevator and the door opened up and there was Zola’s social worker. Can’t tis woman see that they will be awesome parents?
Loved it when Mrs. Avery set April up at Joe’s bar. Another awesome moment and plus what she said to April earlier about loosing her virginity. Debbie Allen nailed that performance!!!!!
I cannot believe that Bailey dumped Eli because she still has the hots for Ben. Eli really likes her and has treated her very good.
Where the heck is Lexie??? I know that Jackson made her leave town because of his mother but she has been absent for most of this season. I will just bet the house that Mark is going to go find her and that they will hook up.
Alex was great in this episode also. Kudos to him for having the guts to go tell Derek and Meredith what was going on.
The last scene with Derek and Meredith in bed talking on the phone to Zola was just priceless.

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