Monday, October 17, 2011

Parenthood Season 3 Episode 5

Click on the above pic to be taken to my photo gallery where you will find screen caps from this episode plus from other series.

I love this series. Never in television history have I encountered a show that deals with a real life dysfunctional family the way that Parenthood does.

My favorite scenes from last week's episode:

1. Crosby becoming Cristina's labor coach. He did good and Christina delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

2. Adam trying to act hip and dressing hip. I was laughing my butt off over those scenes.

3. Amber helping out Max. I think Amber just may have found her true calling. Those scenes were just touching and tugged at my heart.

4. One of the most difficult and heart wrenching scenes for me was when Sarah was trying to help her ex husband and found him severely beaten up in that alley.

Loved this episode and if I had my way, Parenthood would never get canceled.

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