Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harry's law Season 2 Episode 4

This was a very powerful episode with a message about the on going problem of bullying that is going on with teenagers and even younger children. I loved Harry’s defense of this young girl who was up for negligent homicide charges because of a blog she had been writing targeting this young girl because this girl was a lesbian. They called her the queen of snark which was the only way that this young lady was even given any recognition and attention—by hurting others. The one young lady she was focused on ended up taking her own life because of this abuse. In the end the girl was found not guilty but I have to tell you all that I would have been happy if they found her guilty. These kids have to start being held accountable for their actions especially when a death occurs as a result of their bullying. It’s out of control and last night’s episode brought this front and center. I said that I loved Harry’s defense because she was pretty fair and opened about this on going problem. This was a tough case and I am glad that Tommy Jefferson wasn’t defending this girl because Lord knows what he would have said.
On the other stories in this episode they were all good especially when Jenna said goodbye to everyone.
This series has got me hooked and is one of my favorites for sure.

Just click on the above link to be taken to the screen caps from last night's episode.

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