Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My TV Series Report Card

Here is my report card for all the new TV series and our old faithfuls so far. These are from the series that I watch.
Grey’s Anatomy----A+—I love pretty much everything about this series and season 8 so far.
Fringe--A+—This series INHO just gets better and better as time goes by.
Supernatural--A+—This series never ceases to amaze me and this season rocks!!!
Blue Bloods--A+—Fantastic with an ensemble cast to match any out there. I have an all over good feeling watching this series.
A Gifted Man--A+—Beautifully written and acted. Just a stunning new series.
Person of Interest—A—Tis sereis is fantastic as are the 2 lead characters. You have to stay on your toes while watching this.
Raising Hope—A—Funny, funny, funny!
Castle—A-- Rick Castle+Kate Beckett+Ryan+Esposito=one fantastic hour of pure entertainment.
Harry’s Law—A—I love everything about this series.
Up All Night—A—I actually laugh out loud during the half hour that this is on. Love Ava. She’s my new hero.
Private Practice—A—Still love this series and wonderful cast.
NCIS—B—This series is becoming too predictable for me. I still enjoy it but not like I use to.
NCIS LA—B+—I actually like this better than NCIS.
Terra Nova—C-- Thy really need to do something that will keep viewers interested not only in the dinosaurs but in the overall plots. I am becoming bored with it.
New Girl—C—Cute but boring
I think I’ve got them all.

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