Saturday, December 3, 2011

Supernatural Season 7--"Death's Door"

Click on the above pic to go to my photo gallery where i have uploaded the screen caps from this outstanding episode.

This contains major spoilers so please don't read any farther if you have not seen this episode yet.

It looks as if we have lost Bobby. I am very upset about this but the one thing that I am holding on fast to is that if Bobby is indeed dead, then he will come back as Sam and Dean's angel and continue to help them.

I have avoided all spoilers for this episode so I was completely in shock when the episode was over. I actually cried a bit which I normally don't do for Supernatural.

What was so awesome was the way in which the writers wrote this episode especially showing flashbacks from all the difficult time in Bobby's life as well as his joy and happiness in being around Sam and Dean. This episode finally explored the tumultuous relationship Bobby had with his father and what led Bobby to kill his father when Bobby was just a young boy.

If Bobby does die, this will be a horrible blow to the boys because Bobby in my opinion was more of a father to them than John was. He certainly had their backs.

Kudos for the return of Steven Williams as Rufus, Bobby's good friend in life and in death.

RIP Bobby and may you come back as a bright and shining angel to help Sam and Dean.

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