Monday, December 12, 2011

Once Upon A Time 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"

To say that I loved last night's episode is an understatement.  There was so much going on that I had to stop and think of what had happened!

The one scene that was worth a million dollars for me was when at the cemetery, Emma and Regina got into a real cat fight and Emma was seriously kicking some butt.  I knew this was eventually going to happen but I was not expecting it to be in last night's episode.

Here is a list of things that stood out for me.

The cat fight between Emma and Regina.

Regina opening up her lair in her father's mausoleum  and descending down the steps where on that wall all of the hearts she has collected were kept.  So that's how she gets people to do as she pleases!!!

Her father's casket was empty or was I seeing things??

The wolf that had befriended Graham had 2 different colored eyes--one red and one black.  I am sure that stands for something.

Emma is emotionally cut off but why?  I think it has something to do with the fact that she left on the side of a road as a baby.  I think once she finds out the truth about her past she will be a totally different person.

Graham seeing all that happened in Fairytale land after kissing Emma.

Regina taking out Grahams heart and crushing it thus causing his death.  Boy she really is a b**** and a sore looser.

Graham falling to his death in the arms of Emma was so sad that I cried.

One thing that I still have not figured out was what was Rumpelstiltskin doing in the woods?

Boy they sure gave us one heck of an episode before OUAT's break until January.

Thoughts anyone on last night's episode?

 Here are some screen caps that I made from last night's episode.

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