Monday, December 5, 2011

Once Upon A Time Season 1 "The Sheppard"

Click on the above pic to be taken to my photo gallery where I have uploaded the screen caps I made from this episode.

This was a very reveling episode and I was shocked to find out that the original Prince Charming had been murdered early on in this story. Of course we then learn that Rumpelstiltskin had given Prince Charming to the king when he was just a baby and that Prince Charming had a twin brother who was a Sheppard, James. This is the Prince that we all have come to know since the pilot and not the original Prince who had died in battle. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I will not go into all the details here since I am not feeling that well today. Long story short, the prince is then given a bride,King Midas's daughter Abigail, who looks like somebody shoved a pole up her ass, by King Midas as his thanks for killing the dragon plus gold for Prince Charming's father to save the kingdom.

Back in Storybrooke David does end up leaving his wife in pursuit of Mary Margaret/Snow White, but of course encounters Regina who gives him the wring directions to where David was to meet Mary Margaret but instead he winds up and Mr. Gold's shop where he finds a windmill that triggers David's memories. He meets with Mary Margaret and tells her that he must go back to Kathryn and try to work things out. Mary Margaret is devastated and leaves in tears.

For some unknown reason yet, people in Storybrooke are slowly starting to remember their fairytale past and thinks should really start to heat up.

This was a great episode which answered some questions and this is what I love about this series. The pace is just right and at some point, the writers answer all of our question while at the same time giving us new ones to mull over.

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