Friday, May 4, 2012

Grey's Anatomy--"Let The Bad Times Roll"

Last night's episode had me looking so closely for any clue as to who might not survive during the 2 part season finale and the ONLY one so far that I think may die is Dr. Webber.  That scene with him and Catherine Avery at the end making plans and syncing their schedules when their flights land was a clue for me but then again I can be wrong about this.
Say what you want about Grey's Anatomy, that it is showing it's age, too much drama and unrealistic medical cases but Shonda knows how to deliver and deliver well.
I loved last night's episode.  Seeing the residents all spaz out after they took their oral exams was hysterical.  I event thought that they may have all failed but once again Shonda pulled a rabbit out of the hat and it was April who failed.  I really thought it would have been Meredith or Christina or even Alex.
April and Jackson's scene in the bathroom was hysterical.
Now that they have laid the foundation for the 2 part season finale, I have NO clue on who is going to die or who will be leaving the hospital to work else where.  I think the 2 part season finale will be very tense and emotional.  I am already stocking up on extra boxes of Kleenex.

Here are some screen caps I made from last night's episode.

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