Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Bloods "The Job"

Once again Blue Bloods blew me away with this stellar episode and the stellar performances by the cast.

We have on one hand Danny and his family being shot at after Danny hits a man who is running from somebody else. The bullets came way to close for my blood and i don't blame Linda one bit for getting upset. It missed their children by only a few inches. Danny was hell bent on getting the person responsible for this which he did. He gave Linda his badge and told her he would quit if that's what she really wants and that her and their marriage are what really matters to him, not the job. Of course, Linda being the supportive wife that she is, will not hear about it.

Then the storyline that really got to me was about Franks former partner Joe McKenna who was dying as a result of 9/11. Joe and Frank were in the north tower saving lives when the south tower collapses. As a result, Joe lay dying in a hospital when Frank goes to visit him. Shaken to his very core he says goodbye to his former partner and friend. The eulogy that Frank gave at Joe's funeral was touching and heartbreaking. Then to make matters worse, they showed Frank at ground zero. I was hysterical at that point because it brought all those horrific memories of that day front and center. I will never forget where I was when I heard about the first pane hitting.

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