Saturday, July 2, 2011

Covert Affairs--"All The Right Friends"

I love this series and this episode--"All The Right Friends".

Annie is in charge of an Italian prisoner and of course everything that can go wrong does.

One thing that really stood out for me in this episode was the fact that Jay is up to something and I don't trust him on little bit.  I hope this is brought to light in the upcoming episodes because i am dying to know what he is all about.

Auggie was offered quite a promotion by Author and he took it which means no more contact with Annie.  Now whether this will be a permanent thing is anybody's guess. My opinion for what it is worth is that Auggie knows at some point that Jay is dirty and will come to Annie's rescue even if it means giving up his new position. 

I could be wrong about this whole thing with Jay but just his body language lately tells me he is up to no good.

I loved the chemistry between Annie and that Italian man she was in charge of.  They were just to cute together.  I hope we see more of him because I liked the character and he can be a good ally to Annie. 

Great episode and kudos to the cast and crew for turning out another great episode.

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